Recent Lakefront Sales

If you are planning on selling your waterfront home, feel free to contact us. For more information on each home listed below, please contact Michael. He will be happy to share more detailed information. Not all sales data below is from the MLS records. Other records and data collection sources are used, including old fashioned word of mouth.

Links and Ideas

The following is a list of idea websites from Michael and his family. They are always on the prowl for unique resources and vendors for unique properties. Michael and Tonia often travel to luxury properties, over the top grand openings and have every magazine that they can get their hands on. Kendra Todd of Donald Trump’s the Apprentice even invited... Read More »

Pierce County Area Links

Use the following links to learn more about the surrounding area. Find local and state governments, chambers of commerce, education, and more. When selecting a link, it will show in a new window. Close the window when finished viewing, and easily select additional links or site content.

Vendor Roster

View my trusted list of Contractors, Painters, Cleaners, Roofing, Projects, Maintenance and more... support our local trusted vendors.

Luxury Home Report

Michael recently invested in his annual meeting with some of the nations top luxury brokers and affiliates at the Leaders in Luxury Conference. From the various meetings, Michael has composed a synopsis of some of the top economic and upper end housing trends affecting us locally. In Summary, Dining rooms are fading away. At all levels the great room continues... Read More »